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Perks of a Passenger Van Rental

Have you and your friends or family ever gone to an event together and found it difficult to find a driver? Have you ever gone to an event and wished that everyone in your party could have a good time without the worries of driving. If so, then a 14 passenger van may be the perfect solution for you.

Brattle Transportation is a leading Boston transportation company that provides its customers with a comfortable and affordable 14 passenger van rental with a driver. Getting from point A to point B isn’t as easy as it always seems. We want your trip to start the second you leave your house.

Whether you live out of the city and want to plan a trip in or if you live in Boston and are planning a trip out, we are your perfect option. Our van is equipped with tinted windows, a CD player and a radio to make any trip as enjoyable as possible for you. We want all our customers to have a good time. If you are going to a sporting event, concert, casino, night out on the town or some other event, we believe you should make it special.

For further information, visit our 14 passenger van page, or please give us a call at 617-864-5000.


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